Our Ethos.

Generative AI done right:
Where every stroke, note, and pixel holds inherent value.

In a world immersed in digital content, the line between AI-generated art and the artists' heartbeats blurs. The countless hours, days, or even decades of mastering a craft, the emotional journey embedded in every stroke of the brush, every strum of the string, every click of the camera - are all these destined to be overshadowed by the rapidly growing force of AI?

Here at Sureel, we say NO.

Sureel isn't just a platform; it's a promise to every artist. It's a haven where artistry is not only seen or heard, but also felt and respected in every derivative piece. We acknowledge the rapid strides AI is making in the multimedia domain, opening doors to generate content at an unprecedented pace.

But we passionately believe that every piece of art generated must echo the essence of its original creator and respect the labor and passion infused in its creation process.

Our attribution model is a testament to this belief. In a digital world where creative identity risks fading, Sureel stands as a beacon of hope, securing artists' rights and offering end users commercial peace of mind. We trace the lineage of every piece of generated content, ensuring a transparent, percent-wise attribution to the original creator. We're empowering users with the incredible ability to steer the creation process with the distinctive touch of artist styles as they see fit. The metadata and provenance of each attribution is securely recorded on the blockchain, making traceability possible beyond Sureel.

The era of debating creator vs. machine has come to an end. We're shaping a new narrative where creators and machines collaborate to forge a symbiotic legacy together, infusing every artwork with profound meaning.

Join us in this pioneering journey. Together, we'll engrave the spirit of our creativity into the digital cosmos, guaranteeing that every piece of art retains its intrinsic and eternal value.