Generative AI done right.

Our generative AI Engine creates content with proper source attribution, ensuring transparency and fairness. We prioritize legal compliance and ethics, providing peace of mind in changing regulations. Our patent-pending algorithm distinguishes open-source from copyrighted content, delivering versatile, high-quality creative solutions.

Shaping the Future: Ethical AI
for Creators and Businesses

The SUREEL Advantage

Precise and instant Attribution

Our instant, proportional attribution empowers content creators, providing due recognition and fair compensation.

Security and Traceability

We utilize blockchain technology for data security, offering transparent, decentralized traceability.

Hybrid Dataset Compatibility

Sureel seamlessly integrates both open-source and licensed data, offering precise and diverse content creation capabilities.

Ethical Creativity

We're committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in AI-generated content, ensuring that creativity respects boundaries and values.

AI Innovation

Powered by four patent-pending technologies, Sureel continuously evolves, setting the pace for AI advancements in content creation.

Business and Individual Solutions

We cater to the needs of businesses and individual creators, providing tailored solutions for every content generation requirement.

Creators & Innovators

Powering Innovation

Protect, monetize and spread your art!

At, we're leveraging the transformative power of generative AI to enable the creation of unique art pieces from existing works. Our AI technology learns from uploaded works, generating new pieces that bear the original artist's creative signature.

In terms of legal certainty, offers robust protection for artists. We've built in safeguards to protect copyrights and usage rights, ensuring artist's works are secure, and licensing is clear and transparent.

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About us

Welcome to Sureel, where we pioneer collaborative creativity, ethical AI, and instant attribution, redefining generative content creation with patent-pending technologies, ensuring your creative work is done right, every time.

Our Mission

At Sureel, we are on a mission to lead the charge in collaborative creativity. We envision a future where generative AI, driven by human ingenuity, reshapes the way businesses and individuals craft content. Our commitment to ethical AI, fortified by four groundbreaking patent-pending technologies, sets a new industry benchmark. With a focus on compliance, copyright protection, commercial licensing, and instant proportional attribution, we empower creativity with integrity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the beating heart of multi-dimensional creativity, fueling innovation across various domains, from visual arts to music. We are the ultimate engine core for businesses, providing the tools to forge unique and compliant content. By revolutionizing generative AI, we aim to create a world where creativity thrives, innovation flourishes, and ethical content generation is the standard. Welcome to Sureel, where generative AI is done right, every step of the way.

Meet the team

Tamay Aykut

PhD | Founder, CEO

Belen Ramos

Social Media & Design

Lindsay Kokoska

Community Manager

Christopher Kuhn

PhD | Sr. AI Engineer

Christoph Burgmair

Sr. Fullstack Engineer

Paul Pauls

ML & DevOps Engineer

Greg Kovacic



Bernd Girod

PhD | Advisor

Tom Gruber

PhD | Advisor

Nirav R. Shah

MD, MPH | Advisor

Innovative Technology, Assured Legality

At the core of lies our advanced generative AI technology, powered by unsupervised and supervised learning algorithms. We're committed to protecting copyrights and usage rights, providing a secure platform for artists and creators to unleash their creativity without any legal concerns.