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Shaping the Future: Ethical AI for Creators and Businesses

The SUREEL Advantage

Precise and instant Attribution

Our instant, proportional attribution empowers content creators, providing due recognition and fair compensation.

Security and Traceability

We utilize blockchain technology for data security, offering transparent, decentralized traceability.

Hybrid Dataset Compatibility

Sureel seamlessly integrates both open-source and licensed data, offering precise and diverse content creation capabilities.

Ethical Creativity

We're committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in AI-generated content, ensuring that creativity respects boundaries and values.

AI Innovation

Powered by four patent-pending technologies, Sureel continuously evolves, setting the pace for AI advancements in content creation.

Business and Individual Solutions

We cater to the needs of businesses and individual creators, providing tailored solutions for every content generation requirement.


Attribution in All Core Features

No Boundaries in Creation, Full Respect for All Contributors.

AI Integration

APIs/SDKs Integration

Seamlessly integrate Sureel AI into your workflow.

Real-Time and Proportional Attribution

Ensure transparency with real-time attribution, providing precise credit percentages to contributors.

Blockchain Integration

Feel confident with protected metadata and attribution details stored on the blockchain, ensuring reliable tracking.

Artistic Freedom

Artist Styles

Choose from a diverse portfolio of artists or upload your own to infuse your work with a personalized touch.

Strength of Artist Style

Tailor the level of influence you want from an artist's style, giving you full creative control.

Multiple Artists Collaboration

Blend multiple styles for truly unique masterpieces, breaking the boundaries of creativity.

Enhance Your Content

AI Watermark

Safeguard your work and identity with an invisible watermark on every image.

Background Removal

Effortlessly remove backgrounds to focus on what matters most in your visuals.


Restore and enhance damaged images, revitalizing your content.


Extend your creativity beyond the original canvas, exploring new horizons.


Add depth and dynamism to your creations with our animation feature.

Video Style Transfer

Apply selected artist styles to your videos, transforming them into unique works of art.

Reimagine with AI

Let your imagination run wild as you reimagine and transform your content, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Patent-pending Technology for Trusted AI

With our suite of patent-pending technologies we are at the frontier of instant attribution and decentralized provenance for generative AI done right.